Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reflection on Tutorial Excercises

As I am currently enrolling on the 2nd year of my software engineering degree program, the module professional practice introduced the qualifications for a person to develop to carry out and face the field as a software engineer. The module helped me in how to solve issues when in employment and also to build and maintain my career goals in order to become a successful software engineer. Planning our time management and on how to keep limits was greatly taught during the module. The tutorials done during the module was valuable as it helped me in uncover my weaknesses and on how to solve them out.  Many positive tips and skills were introduced that will be effective in formal speaking.

The module was done by Mr. Javed Ahsan who is an expertise in the area of professionalism. He has is well experienced and has a superior knowledge associated to this area and holds a high position in IT world with more professional experience. He took us to a real life picture to clarify and visualize the problems to build a clear idea on our goals and future career.

These tutorials of this module were done during the 1st semester of the 2nd year of the degree. Some tutorials of the module content are shown below.

During this tutorial I have the chance to do a presentation on “It could be said that ‘Computer fraud is a big business’. Has the computer Misuse Act of 1990 helped to reduce fraud? How?”. It was a group presentation and was a good opportunity to show my skills I earned through the module. Confidence was accomplished up to a great extend by the presentation. After the presentation was done the module leader reviewed it and provided us some tips on posture, movement and verbal. The group presentation assisted in time management, team work. 

At the debate time we performed successfully and in the review session our lecturer pointed out our weaknesses as well as our strengths. This was a good opportunity to learn and practice on to gather information in a particular area and to convince the audience by proving our point to them. Doing this debate aided in time management as well.

Writing job description
Purpose of this assignment was to find the details on Job Tasks / Responsibilities, Entry Requirements, Terms and Conditions, Training Opportunities and Prospects, Environment, Lifestyle and Corporate Culture. By undertaking this assignment I learnt how to find a better job which is most suitable for me.

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