Sunday, May 24, 2015

Creating a New User in Cassandra Database


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Recently I was working on user authentication of DSE(DataStax Enterprise[1]) Cassandra and I noticed that any username and password allowed me to access the cassandra cluster. So I looked into the docs and saw that there are several authenticators[2].

By default the used authenticator is the "org.apache.cassandra.auth.AllowAllAuthorizer" authenticator which allowed access with any username and password. So to create a user and grant permissions, you can follow these steps...


Shutdown the Cassandra cluster(can use kill -9) if it is already running and the modify the cassandra.yaml file. If you are using DSE cassandra, it will reside in "<DSE_HOME>/resources/cassandra/conf/cassandra.yaml". Else if you are using Apache Cassandra, it will reside in "<APACHE_CASSANDRA_HOME>/conf/cassandra.yaml".

Modify the file in a way that "org.apache.cassandra.auth.AllowAllAuthorizer" authenticator is commented and add "org.apache.cassandra.auth.PasswordAuthenticator" authenticator[3].
#authenticator: AllowAllAuthenticator
authenticator: PasswordAuthenticator

By default, Cassandra has a user with username as "cassandra" and password as "cassandra" which can be used to create a new user using "cqlsh" tool[4]. Login using the "cqlsh" tool by executing the following command.

./cqlsh localhost -u cassandra -p cassandra

After the cqlsh console is opened, to get the current list of users run the following command.

list users;

To create a new user, run the following command. Here the username is "myUserName" and the password is "myPassword".


The above user will get created with superuser privileges. The newly created user should be there when running the "list users;" command again.



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