Saturday, January 7, 2012

Career Statement

I am a self motivated, honest, dynamic, creative and hard working undergraduate who is able to use my own initiative in successfully completing tasks. I also possess a proven track record of positively contributing to work as part of a team.

I seek a challenging position within the IT industry where I could learn from and contribute to serving the organization to the fullest of my abilities. I want to use my creativity, verbal and written communication skills, team working skills, interpersonal skills and practical intelligence.

Software engineering (SE) is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software, and the study of these approaches. That is, the application of engineering to software. Software Engineering involves the development of software in a well defined and schematic manner. It is a field, which undergoes rapid changes along with time and technology, in which newer opportunities are raised to propose innovative and creative ideas.

I am a person who is keen in challenges. The tasks of a Software Engineer are such that they tend to become more challenging with time and progress of a given project.

The field of computer science undergoes many changes with time. So in order to meet with these changes, changes in the various fields of businesses, changes of requirements of end-users, the potential Software Engineer must be a person with capability of imagination.

And this is a virtue that I have always possessed. I love to think different, work things out differently and look for new aspects of developing software, so that the current requirements of the filed would be met with. The tasks of a Software Engineer involves to a greater degree, high inter-personal skills, communication skills both written and oral. 

I am still an undergraduate, and the accomplishment is further ahead. The knowledge that I gained while being an undergraduate has taught on how to  explored and learned in this field of software development.

Education and Credentials
· Satisfactory completed Training course JAVA APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT conducted by Computing Services Centre, University of Colombo School of Computing (2008)
· Completed Level 6 of International Certificate of Competence in Information Technology, International Curriculum and Assessment Agency (UK), endorsed by University of Southampton(2002).
· Participated at the 19th National Schools’ Software Competition (NSSC) 2008 conducted by Computer Society of Sri Lanka(CSSL)
· IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics) training.
· Currently enrolling the 2nd year of my B.Eng Software Engineering degree.

Additional Skills – Badminton, basic knowledge on music, cyber gaming.

My Career Ambition and Environment 
My career ambition is to get promoted to the position of a Software Architect position in 7 years of time. So by joining into the firm as a Software Engineer related to mobile applications, I would gain the required knowledge and experience that is required to be a Software Architect. And the regular promotion scheme at most main software engineering companies are very much in line with my career progression. Most of the work places in the field of software engineering in Sri Lanka have supportive, flexible corporate culture, which is beneficial to the prospective employees. They cherish equality and always welcome new ideas. Most of the leading software engineering companies have well balanced work schedule and acknowledges hard work whist also concentrating on interpersonal relationships between the firm as well as its clients, so that the benefits would be long term. They also provide its employees with cutting edge technology, which not only exposes them to the latest technology but also enhances their productivity as well as innovation.

· Quick learner and critical analysis.
· High sense of professionalism.
· Ability to effectively plan and manage tasks given.
· Proactive and ability to think outside the box to deliver on goals.
· Ability to effectively track and monitor key milestones/ deliverables.
· Analytical and systematic approach to problem solving.

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