Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reflection on Self-awareness

As I am currently enrolling on the 2nd year of my software engineering degree program, the module professional practice introduced the qualifications for a person to develop to carry out and face the field as a software engineer. This module helped me in identifying my skills, interests, weaknesses and professionalism. The module consisted of tutorials such as debates, self awareness sessions, presentations, writing job description.
The debate was done group wise. A group consisted of 4 people chosen randomly and was given a topic. We each divided our parts on the topic. But since there was no time for practice, we took more time than we were given. Because of this reason we were not able to deliver our speeches properly. From this tutorial I noticed that time management is necessary and that I need to built it up. Also practice before anything. This helped me on how to organize a delivering a speech as well as for presentations.
During the presentation tutorial, the module leader taught us some improvable facts that can be developed to give a better presentation. He especially told us on how to get the attention of the crowd and also the movements and posture. This was the first time I had a feed back on a presentation. These facts are really useful and I got to know that I should improve on those skills.
I believe that these tutorials were really effective for my future career and it specially made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses. 

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