Saturday, January 7, 2012

Critique of an Interview

After my advanced level exam at school was over, My parents asked my whether I would like to join IIT for a software degree as I already had a scholarship earned by myself. So my parents told me that there will be an interview done by the dean of IIT prof. Alfred Perera. These are some facts I acquire about the sitting.

How I have prepared?
As I got to know about that there will be an interview, I had enough time to prepare myself. At that moment, I did not have a curriculum vitae. So I created one using my past certificates, positions I had in school and the extracurricular activities I’ve done. On the day of the interview I got myself well dressed and prepared. As I was able to come to IIT before the time of the interview I was confident enough to face the interview. I also took my CV and the application when going to the interview. I also studied what they might ask me, the background of the degree and the subject itself that I am going to study. These helped me a lot to bring up confidence but there was a slight nervousness because this was my 1st interview. But I was excited throughout the whole session. It is necessary to wear smart casual and should not wear any fancy items just to make appeal. I only took a pen and a file including my application and the CV and was there by time.

How to use the body language at its best?
At first, It is vital to make the first impression by using proper body language. Being pleasant and smiling is needed for this. We should not show any type of discomfort even though we are nervous. Being in a good posture is also essential. Eye contact also should be maintained to show that we are eager and interested to apply.

How to the Interview
When answering question at the interview it is not good to digress because verbal communication plays the foremost role in an interview. The success in answering the questions is to build up a good reputation at that moment and show that we are ready to move on. Showing the positive feelings to the interviewer builds up the reputation and the confidence that they have on us.

· What have you done regarding programming languages?
This question was pretty much easy for as I knew 2 programming languages by then. So I said that I know Java and C++ confidently. This is because during my school life I learnt C++ and Java for the Olympiad training. So I was confident enough that whatever the question they ask regarding  those languages I would reply them with good answers. I did not make any mistakes at this moment.

What are the field your interested in?
This was an interesting question. At this moment I knew that my interests will convince them to build up a foundation of what I am able to do. So I was precise on my answers. Hence I said game developing. I was not sure whether it will bring up a wrong impression on me as gaming is not considered as a talent but as an addiction in Sri Lanka. I also described some information on what I have done regarding that interest. I noticed that it is not necessary to go deep into this making the interviewer fed up of me. So I limited my information.

Who is the Sri Lankan boxer who lost his gold medal due to drugs?
This question kind of depressed me as I could not remember the name of the boxer. It was a tricky question. However I remember that the first name was Manju. But I did not knew the last name of that person. So I answered Manju. The interviewer agreed and told me that even within the university there are different types of people that may be addicted to drugs and that I should know to take the correct path. 

What I have learned
As to what I faced more attention should be done for body language and also on general knowledge. I also need to brush up on my communication skills as I did stuttered during the lecture. Facing this interview was very useful for me as this was my 1st interview faced. I have learnt how to take a part in an interview and how to prepare for an interview successfully to succeed in the interview.

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